Animals at the Ranch

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We have been collecting animals since our early days here at the ranch. 

All of them are pets, and most of them were rescued.

Following are some pictures and stories.  Click on the Small Pictures to View a LARGE Version

This is Murphy. Also known as Murph, Mer Bear, or just Bear. Originally named by Lucille after Murphy Brown. (remember her?)
Murphy is an Australian Shepard - Lab mix. She is the old dog. We refer to her as the "ranch Manager" or the "Fun Police". She is now retired and enjoys special privileges at the ranch and in the truck cab.

  This is Nicky also known as Nickers, Niko, Lickie and Nickolass.  He was a Border-Collie mix.  Nicky was very goofy and loved to give kisses..  Our friends found him at Shasta and figured we'd give him a home.  He was a good dog, but a bit crazzzy.  He died in April 2004 and is missed here buy all of us.
This is Moukie, also known as Moukass Wakkas Rakkas and Mr. Wakkas..  He claims to be an Akbash / Napolian mix of some sort.  Traditionally, he would be a sheep protecting dog in Turkey.  Elisabeth found him by the bridge in San Miguel, mangy and sprayed by skunk.  Very sweet boy.  Moukie is a great hugger.  
  This is Kelly.  Also known as Kellers.  She was Moukie's best friend.  We found her one night early in 2002; she was lost and scared. We tried to find a home for her, but instead we fell in love and couldn't let her go.  She was a bouncy, Queensland Heeler mix who loved to round-up anything she could. Unfortunately she passed away early April 2003.  We miss her very much.
This is Tempeh.  Also known as Tempico, Pico, Katkat or the boy.  He is a Maine-Coon mix that Elisabeth found in Atascadero in 1996.  He is the sweetest cat.  He has two attentive girlfriends, Brittany and Sassy, who loved to groom him.
Brittany and Sassy warming up on the griddle.

Sassy peaking through the stairs.

  This is Pitzie.  She was here and very feral when we got the place.  She tamed pretty quick and moved into the house.
This photo all the Sheep and Goats in one of their open pens.  They go there for their afternoon naps and shelter from the weather.  

This our prize goat Shilo.  He is a Beautiful tall and strong Nubian.  He saw us taking pictures and decided to pose.


I'm Annie, Shilo's sister.  I'm very pretty and tame.

Hi, I'm Iris.  I'm an American Alpine milking doe.  My milk is Yummy and it makes great cheese.   I gave birth to beautiful Cammy and Elliot that you can see below. They were born on the anniversary of the day Dean and Elisabeth met.  

Hi, I'm Elliot.  I was born first, and I'm very friendly.

I'm Cammy.  I think I was born a minute later, and maybe that's why I'm a bit shy.   I'm an escape artist and I like to graze the neighbors pasture. (it is greener!)


Hi, I'm Eddie.  I was young when they got me at the auction.  I'm pretty mellow and mind my own business.

I'm Bruce.  I also came from the auction.  I'm big and strong and everybody better watch it.  By the way, I'm Cammy and Elliot's dad and I'm proud of it.  
We are Carmen-Jones and Walterina.  We are Llamas, and the latest addition to the ranch.
This is our Rooster Bob and some of his girls.

This is JT, our new Donkey.  He came to us from a very loving home in Templeton.  He has personality plus!  He loves lots of attention and non-stop ear rubs.

Socializing with our neighbor's pets.

Elisabeth with Blue and Cash

 Dean with Stanley

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