How Does Life Coaching Work ?

The beauty of Coaching is that it can be done in-person, on-line or over the phone. All three types of session are very effective however coaching is generally done over the phone due to the extremely convenient nature of being in your own home, not having to drive to a meeting place, and therefore creating plenty of flexibility when scheduling a time to talk. 

If you think you are interested in my Coaching services then your first step is to contact me via phone or e-mail to set up your first appointment.  Your first session is free.  There is absolutely no obligation after your first session. Your free session is there to give you a taste of what Coaching is all about and to see if there is a fit. 

Once you have contacted me and we have set up an appointment that works for both of us, on the date and time of our appointment you will call me on my private coaching line (I will give you the number when you make your appointment.)  Our session will be 45 minutes long, with allowance for a little extra time when needed to complete the call. If after your free session you decide that we are a fit and Coaching is for you, then I will send out a TLC Welcome Packet that will get you started.

You will want to come to our calls prepared with what it is you want to work on during that session. Don’t worry if you are not quite sure at first, I will be able to guide you and help you to gain clarity on that sessions topics and priorities. Sometimes I may even e-mail you a question sheet prior to our session with some thought provoking questions to help you prepare for our session. 

Although it is great to have a planned focus prior to and during our sessions, all sessions are informal, intuitive and free floating. Sometimes we will start to address one issue and then end on something totally different.  When there is a set agenda to be accomplished, you lose the true value in the coaching. A good coach knows when to shift directions to best benefit their client.

Remember that your sessions are about you. Ultimately you are in control.  Often I will make “requests” of you, these are challenges or assignments that help to move you along a little faster in the coaching process.  These requests are entirely up to you and never will I ask you to do something that doesn’t feel right or feels too far out of your comfort zone.  I want you to feel that you are being pushed just a little bit further than you would push yourself but never pushed too far. I always appreciate and encourage open communication, ensuring that we will have a harmonious, trusting and honoring relationship. 

Finally, an additional service that I happily provide is unlimited free e-mails between sessions and free 5-10 min. spot calls between sessions.  I encourage you to utilize this service as it has proven to really enhance what we work on during our sessions. You can use these services to ask quick questions, share wins, or just seek some quick support.

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